The Harvard Advocate, founded in 1866, is the oldest continuously published collegiate literary magazine in the country. Over its past 146 years, it can count T.S. Eliot, Conrad Aiken, and Norman Mailer among its members and e.e. cummings, Jack Keroauc, and Tom Wolfe as contributors to its pages. A quarterly magazine, its mission is to publish the best art, fiction, poetry, and prose that the Harvard undergraduate community offers.

Executive Board

Julian Lucas, President
Kevin Hong, Publisher
Brad Bolman, Art Editor
Moeko Fujii, Blog Editor 
Calvin Willett, Business Manager
Simone Hasselmo & Jeannie Sui Wonders, Design Editors
Indiana Seresin, Features Editor
Yen Pham, Fiction Editor
Colton Valentine, Poetry Editor
Jawad Hoballah, Technology Editor
Isaac Dayno, Sam Reynolds, & Faye Zhang, Pegasi
Nelson Arnous & Kiara Barrow, Dionysi
Jenny Gao, Hermes
Jack Kleinman & Maia Silber, Publicity and Circulation Managers
Krithika Varagur, Alumni Relations Manager
Ezra Stoller, Communicorn
Wanjiku Mungai, Librarian




We are located at 21 South Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138. We are in the building most weekdays in the afternoon.