hear fell their sinew

& this sŭn birthed another

with tears in her face -

yellowed or gilded or faded or

green - whatever the sun fancied

for his willowed basement matter

& this sŭn watched another

with splinters at his sapling fingers

from the wood in his veins -

usher three men into the church

where his mother wore her veils

& this sŭn watched her

yearn to flourish when showers came -

unexpected - regular -

and she grew with each one

and she died for so much of each year

& this sŭn saw a boy almost

half the time - through mirrors - weeping

as she had constantly taught him

how to keep the wisps from lighting him

afire - aflame - a glow, distantly

& this sŭn called a meeting

when he was gaunt - taut - white

heat seeping from the crows in her smile

with dreamt messes of unfeeling limbs

- snap - bitten brittle - brittle together

& this sŭn wept

when he raised up the axe to

chop down a mother - child

for the gift of warm space

where new sprouts could breach