All April

We stayed inside
and drew red trains

we ate burritos
like it was the end

the air was sweeter
for a good long while

everything had stopped
so many people we know

lost so much so fast
so many others

did not come and sit
near our door and say

how is your garden
your little sunflowers

they say are simple
to grow in a line

it is said their heads
turn to watch the sun

but they don’t at all
no birds ever came

to eat the green shoots
my little sunflowers

I watched them poke up
through the soft black dirt

with that undeserved pride
I feel when he writes his name

I did not teach him guitar
like I was my dad

I just put him in the car
and played Guided by Voices

and drove back and forth
through his favorite tunnel

it got dark and light
then so dark again