Land in Sight

If I had faults to speak of they would be
That I’m bad at pretending to be working.
Summer is meant to make you sweat and if
Your skin isn’t sloppy enough you best pack
Up, leave earth by latest May. I don’t think
You would need to sweat in space because
There’s no one there to tell you to. Here there
Are pools on earth, mostly lakes, and some
What oceans. Slacking off at work, I found
Myself watching footage of the moon landing,
With arrows showing wires pulling men across
The so-called “moon.” Accidentally, my sound
Was on. There are parts of the ocean so deep
They make a noise like high, the highest thing—
And my boss once told me her dad believed
He picked up, from his radio, the distress calls
Amelia Earhart sent before she died. So I’m wide
With apology when she hears about the moon
Landing, across the room, having happened
"Here on earth." I didn't want you to find out
Like this, I tell her. Now there’s nowhere to go.