[Music finds me twenty miles down silence]

Music finds me twenty miles down silence

Where I burrow almost

Cruelly, there it enters

The recesses I have cut, it says see this is just

Like anywhere

I can fill it

I say thanks music you are

The final touch

As you also were the first

But please not too much you draw me

Out of myself and all I am

Is you cheerful

In your soil under my blade

Leaking into the vessels

You fill before they were ever

Empty, you my body,

I am greater I wrestle you

Under the border

Below which is not your kingdom

Though you were born there:

The way you fall there

Is like remembering

I like this and keep digging

You do not mind

And moonlit nights you raise

Your watersnake head out of the lower kingdom

Into yours, there you resemble me

Double and quiet, sharp for there is

Not much of you, making an eye

Out of what you aren’t,

Night’s inner face how

Could it not examine you,

Whitehead like bride’s hair

In waves the color of waiting

You wait expecting home

And are gone

And it is grander,

Sky calling stranger,

Waves you made uneasy

In their stomachs, moon

That almost answered,

Even I have to thank you: for your spilling

As if into my eye’ s unlit

Socket expanded it

And in your passing I am cold

And larger, and the sky

Never held such memory,

So empty a moment, such

Future to fill