Stills from Santo Antonio 4

Four channel audiovisual installation

Artist Statement:

By the Alvalade Square, where the statue of Saint Anthony stands, a group of youngsters returns from the popular festivities of St. Anthony’s night. They fall, they get up, they remain fallen. They fall asleep and remain awake; they wake up and remain asleep. They keep walking, we don’t really know why nor where to, and each one of us is free to follow them or not. We find ourselves within a cube, the four faces of which are occupied by four images. Such a spatial arrangement allows for the simultaneous creation of a claustrophobic situation, in which we are surrounded by different fragments of the same space, and of a dynamic proper to an endless fugue, since the characters’movements slide from screen to screen, from side to side, in a movement without beginning or end, in spite of the physical limits of the place where we stand. The narrative of this film covers the arch between the urban daily banality of a typical circumstance of Lisbon and the absolute indeterminacy of the ontological or metaphysical situation of these young beings moving towards something we cannot perceive.