Shards of exact memory,

masters of local

magnitude, keepers

of untranslating

logic where

eternity is

a wandering here —

these twining parallel


in future-outpacing

angles spelling


of great intelligence:

carefullest madness,

black on blue,

black on clear, memory

everywhere proving

life whose will

still they scrawl still

they carve this easiest

element with fleet


in circleshaming

precision — bright-black

eyes — and

at evening by

the cathedral rouse

thick air as if

around vanished

scaffoldings and night

expands the gaps

they are: lost

arrows halftracing

a sphere: all clockwise:

yet some hover:

yet some wander

over what border:

and hourly unities

inarguable as breath

shift the frame, smooth

the canvas: here

an absent entirety

flickers: will they